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Graffiti: a crime, art or a little of both?

For many, the word graffiti makes them think about colors, many colors on public spaces whether it is logos or drawings, for others, it is just a wayof expressing their feelings, either describing happiness or depicting discontent or marking territory and for some others, it is nothing but an illegal act that should be punished and stopped becauseit brings nothing but headaches to the parts of the society that are most exposed to it.

But who said graffiti was something new? Many people might think it is something recent; however, this mightnot be true.

Approximately, 35000 years ago, mostly teenage males dedicated part of their time to perform this art-like creations on the walls of the caves they inhabited, using simple materials.They represented graphically what was on their minds and what was popular at the time. Sex and hunting were on top of the list of the most exploited themes by these young and primitive art creators.“It was like kids taking a pencil and drawing an outline around their hand”, said Dale Guthrie, a paleobiologist from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

However, there has been a huge hiatusever since, and the beginning of the 20th Century could be seen as the era of the rebirth of Graffiti.

As of 1969, modern graffiti has seen its revival and it has expanded across the globe, reachingplaces where it has developed its own uniqueness, however, context makes the difference.

In the documentary, “Next: A Primer On Urban Painting” by Pablo Aravena, it is possible to see how graffitiis the main focus of those young artists.In cities like Barcelona, Paris, New York and Berlin, it is a form of art widely accepted and even common people appreciate its artistic value. It is performedon a wide array of surfaces, from walls of neighborhoods and trains to underground spaces unknown to many people.

It has also entered popular mainstream culture to such an extent that there are...
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