Gramática” there be y verbos modales

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Actividad de aprendizaje 1 gramática: there be y verbos modales
Ejercicicio 1
Complete los recuadros con This is o These are.
a computer.
a hat.

an umbrella.
a clock.

an apple.

Ejercicio 2
Complete los recuadroscon There is o There are.
13 pencils in this
a telephone on the desk.
a dog in the mailbox.
three books on the desk.two dolphins in this picture.
twenty cigarettes in a packet.
Ejercicio 3
Complete los recuadros con There is o There are.
This is my flat.
two bedrooms and a living-room.
also akitchen.
a bathroom.
In the living-room six chairs and a sofa.
also a big table.
a clock on the wall.

Completa con el verbo modal correspondiente: Could, may, must, can`t, mightEjemplo:
Mark is thinking about going snowboarding. Mark might go snowboarding.
1. It’s possible that Jane will visit Switzerland next year. Jane might visit Switzerland next year.
2. I’m thinkingabout taking Spanish lessons. I could take Spanish lessons
3. I’m sure they’ll be home by now. They must be home by now.
4. James definitely isn’t eighteen yet! James can´t be eighteen yet!
5.It’s possible the weather will be sunny tomorrow. The weather may be sunny tomorrow.
Lee la siguiente lectura y en el ejercicio al final de la misma emplea el verbo modal que corresponda:
Mr Smith wasan ordinary man. Every day he went to work at nine o’clock and came back at half past five. Mr Smith was married to Mrs Smith. One day Mrs Smith disappeared. The next day Mr Smith started plantingflowers in his garden. He continued to go to work as usual. Then one day he didn’t go to work. He left the house at ten o’clock, and came back at two o’clock driving a new car. The next day Mr Smith...
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