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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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It is very important to teach grammar because that is how students will learn about the systematic way in which words are formed and work together to convey meaning in a language. It is crucial todefine the target population we are going to teach because it will have an impact on the way we teach a class. We have to remember that learners already know grammar, so we don’t have to give theorythe whole class, it can be given in a prescriptive or in a descriptive way (that is the most common way).
We can use the restrictive activities in our class, that will help us make the class more funand in an indirect way teach grammar. They are 4 types of restrictive activities: oral drills, written exercises, elicited dialogues and grammar practice activities-games. The elicited dialogues arereally helpful; they are short dialogues which contain a number of examples of specific items to be practiced. Using dialogue places these items in a typical or useful context, integrating practice ofnewer grammar with practice of items previously studied, social English expressions and pronunciation. I have chosen this restrictive activity because it is often an amusing and enjoyable way toenable oral practice of language.
My target population will be intermediate-level adults. The skill I am going to use with my students will be speaking, I am also going to use a lot of gestures and Iwill set up the scene in which we are going to perform the class. The purpose of the activity is for students to get evolved and practice a dialogue which they will use in their daily activities or intheir social environment, so when it is time to use it they won’t have any problem. Before the class starts the students are going to have a warm up, they are going to play hot potatoes, they will saywhat they did during the weekend. When the warm up is done, the first thing I am going to do is set up the class as we are in a mall, after that, I am going to play a two-role dialogue; I will be a...
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