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Parts of speech (Partes de la gramatica)

It is very important to have a goods understanding of the language

The words in English are classified according to the work they do in a sentence. This gives eight classes or “parts of speech” and this gives us the possibility to learn in grammar the way how to use them.
We use words when wespeak or write a language. In English grammar we study the use of the English words. We see how we change the words and how we arrange them to make sentences that other people understand.

In English there are eight parts of speech:

|Nouns|Pronouns |
|Verbs |Prepositions |
|Adjectives |Conjunctions |
|Adverbs|Interjections or Exclamations |

Now we will define the meaning of each one of these Parts of speech mentioned above.

A noun is a word that we use to name a person (man, woman, john) or people (men, boys, Indians), or an animal (horse, cow, dog), or a thing (house, town, desk, book), or an idea (peace, size, etc).
A noun isa word that names anything, is the name of any person, place, animal, or thing. A noun is a naming word

A. - Write down words that name
• Six people (Example: teacher)
• Six animals (Example: horse)
• Six things (example: table)

B Pick out the Nouns that name people in these sentences:
Example: those women are teachers in my school.
Answer:women, teachers

1. The boy saw his brother.
2. The teacher speaks to his pupils.
3. My sister is a clever girl.
4. That boy is my friend.
5. There is a man and a woman in the picture.
6. Three doctors work in this hospital.
7. The children are staying with their uncle and aunt.
8. The man opened the door for his wife.
9. My father and mother have asked my cousinto come and stay at our house.
10. The soldiers marched through the town.
11. That little girl is my daughter.
12. The sailors were led by an officer.
13. A supermarket sells tea and sugar.
14. The chemist has a shop in that street.

C Pick out the nouns that name things in these sentences.
1. There is a pen on the desk.
2. The boy kicked the football through the goal.3. Put the chalk on the table.
4. On the plate there were some apples and oranges.
5. The car went quickly along the road.
6. There were some new pencils in the box.
7. You can buy tea and sugar at the shop.
8. There are three windows in this room.
9. The bus is coming along the road.
10. The driver stops the bus at the corner.
11. The men are putting the boxes onthe top of the bus.
12. The passengers are in their seats, and the bus starts.
13. Open your books and read the words on the first page.
14. There are not any nuts on the tree.
15. The boy put too many nuts in his mouth.

D. - Pick out the nuns that name animals in these sentences. (Animals here includes birds, fish, and insects)

1. The dog is running in the field.
2. Look!The cat has caught a mouse.
3. I saw lions and tigers in the zoo.
4. The bird is singing in the tree.
5. Try to keep flies and other insects away from the food.
6. Here is a hen with twelve chickens.
7. We get milk from cows.
8. There are horses and donkeys in the field.
9. The eagle is a very big bird.
10. The kitten and the puppies were playing together.
11. A...
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