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  • Publicado : 5 de febrero de 2012
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Summer Nights You’re The One That I Want

Summer lovin’ had me a _______ I got chills

Summer lovin’ happened so fast They’re ______
I met a girl ______ for me And I’m losin’control
Met a boy cute as can be _____ the power you’are ________

Summer _____ drifting away It’s _________
To uh-oh thouse summer nights
Tell me more tell me more You better ______ up
Didja getvery _____ Cause I need a ______
Tell me more tell me more And my heart is set on you
Like does he have a ______ You _____ shape up
You better understand
She swam by me she got a ______ To my heartI must be _____
He ran by me got my suit damp
I saved her _____ she nearly drowned Nothin’ left
He showed off splashing around Nothin’ left for ____ to do

Summer sun something’s ______ You’rethe one that I ______
But uh-oh those summer nights You oo oo honey
Tell me more tell me more The one that I _____
Was it love at ______ _____ You oo oo honey
Tell me more tell me more The onethat I want
Did she ______ up a ______ You oo oo are what I _______
Oh yes ______
Took her _________ in the arcade
We went ________ drank lemonade If you’re ______ with affection
We made out underthe dock You’re too shy to _______
We stayed out till ____ o’clock Meditate my direction
Feel your way
Summer fling don’t _______ a thing but
Uh-oh those ______ nights I better ______ up
Tell memore tell me more Cause you need a _____
But ya don’t have to ______
Tell me more tell me more I need a man who can keep me ________
Cause he ______ like a drag
I better shape up ig i’m gonna_______
He got friendly ________ my hand
She got friendly down in the ______ You better prove that my ____ is justified
He was sweet just ______ eighteen
Well she was good ya know what I _____ Areyou sure?

Summer heat boy and girl ______ but Yes I’m sure _____ deep inside
Uh-oh those summer nights You’re the one that I ______
Tell me more tell me more You oo oo honey
How much _____ did...