Great expectations by charles dickens - summary

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Great Expectations
by Charles Dickens


Pip(Philip Pirrip) was an orphan. His sister, “Mrs. Joe”, more than 20 years old, brought him up “by hand”: she had the habit of hitting with “Ticker”, the stick, both Pip and her husband , Joe Gargery, the local blacksmith.(calm and good natured).Pip was always told “be grateful to those who brought you up by hand” .
One day, in themarshes (pantanos), he met a fearful man with a great iron (grillete) in his leg who threatened him and ordered him to bring him a metal file (lima) and some food. He was a convict escaped from the hulks(galeras).
Pip stole some bread , cheese, fruits, whisky (and replaced it with tar water(a hateful medicine), thinking it was water ), and a meat pie, and took it to “his convict”. In the way, hemet another escaped convict, who ran away.
Back home, Uncle Pumblechook drank from the whisky bottle filled with tar water, and when the meat pie was to be served and Pip was about to run away, a party of soldiers came: they wanted Joe to fix a pair of handcuffs (esposas).They went with the soldiers to hunt the two runaway convicts, and found them both struggling. “Pip’s convict” said hehad preferred not to escape but to capture the other one. Seeing Pip, he “confessed” having stolen a pie, food and some whisky from the blacksmith’s house.
Mr. Wople was the clerk at church. Pip attended Mrs. Wople’s great aunt’s Educational Institute. She also had a little gift shop, helped by Biddy, another orphan “Brought up by hand” .Joe asked Pip to teach him a little without hidwife knowing.
Mrs.Havisham , an extremely rich and strict lady, asked Uncle Pumblechook for a boy to play at her house So Pip started visiting Satis House.( When Mrs. Havisham was a girl, her mother had died, and she had been spoiled by her father, a rich and proud man who married secretly his cook and had a child. When the cook died, the son was included in the family, but he was bad andlazy. He spent all the money he was left after his father died. A man seduced his sister , and Lady Havisham fell in love with him, who took lots of money from her. When everything was ready for the wedding, he didn’t appear but sent a letter which Lady Havisham received when she had not yet finished dressing , at twenty to nine. She stopped all the clocks in the house at that time, she got ill, left everything in the house untouched and never since then looked the light.
Pip, not knowing this story, met there Estella, a girl the lady had adopted and brought up to “break their (the males’) hearts and have no pity”, who treated him with contempt. She was proud and insulting to him, and he, who had fallen in love with her, felt ashamed of himself, of his rough hands and thickboots, of being a common laboring boy. He always suffered being with her, but yet he loved her. He played cards with her in front of Mrs.Havisham, or walked the lady around the room full of cobwebs where the wedding cake had been, until she asked for Joe, gave him some money and signed the papers so that Pip would be his apprentice in the forge (forja) to be a blacksmith. But Pip had changed: hedidn’t want to be a blacksmith any more, because of Estella’s contempt. He felt ashamed of himself and of Joe. Estella went away to a good school.
Orlick was a workman Joe had at weekly wages who was afraid that Pip would replace him. After an incident in which Orlick called Mrs. Joe “bad woman” in front of her husband, Joe felt himself forced to fight him, and he beat him.
Shortlyafter, Joe’s house was broken into and Mrs. Joe was struck in her head and back with a convict’s leg iron. Pip suspected Orlick had done it, and had set everything up to look like some escaped convict was responsible.
Pip’s sister was damaged in his eyesight, hearing, memory and speech, but her temper was improved. Biddy went to live with them and to take charge of her.
Pip told Biddy about his...
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