Great expectations

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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2011
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This novel was written by Charles Dickens. It was published between 1860 and 1861. This was a great time in England, and it’s called the Victorian age, becauseQueen Victoria was governing .The novel tells the story of Phillip Pirrip “Pip”, a young orphan boy that was raised by his sister. One day he met a convict in the churchyard were their parents were buriedand he told Pip to bring him some food and a lime. This fact will be important in the story. The first chapter of the novel is the most important, because is the most exciting one, and while we arereading it, it makes that we “need” to continuing reading the book. Later, (in the middle of the novel) we discover that the one that was paying his studies was not Miss Havisham but the convict,that’s why the first chapter is connected whit the rest of the book.

Pip: Is the one that introduces us in the novel, and also the one that describes the facts happening in the story, that’swhy we can say that he is the narrator, and also the main character. Dickens describes Pip as a young child, unhappy (because he have no parents), afraid, and also is a good person but also innocent(because he gave the convict what he told him).
Magwitch: The convict is dangerous, hungry, and it looks like he is a bad person, because of the way he talks and acts. We fell sympathy about him whenwe discover that he is the person that is paying Pip’s studies.
Joe: Is the husband of Pip’s sister. It’s like his father, because he has been looking after him all his life. He’s a blacksmith.
MissHavisham: She’s a rich woman who lives near Pip’s town. She is terribly sad because when she was going to be married, she was abandoned in the altar. Because of that she wants to make Pip’s lifehorrible, to him suffering what she had suffered, and she wants to break Pip’s hart.
Estella: is the girl whom Pip fall in love with, and the reason of him wanting to be a gentleman. Miss Havisham...
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