Great task

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  • Publicado : 1 de diciembre de 2010
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Great task

Not only it will have to organize the final of the native of rodeo for breeders, but the first exhibition of tests Ficcc in the country.

Arnaldo Guerra M.
Ifalready the task of organizing the near end of the rodeo for breeders-20 on January 23 - was complicated, the new mission entrusted the Association Biobío is a challenge of major brand. Theywill have to organize the exhibition, for the first time in Chile, of the tests Ficcc, those of the Breeders' International Federation of Creole Horses, which official calendar isrealized in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. It is a question of the paleteadas, separates it of cattle, also known like mangueira, and different tests of rein.
This arises from theneed that has Chile to be adopting this type of tests, since Santiago in 2012 will be a headquarters of the ExpoFicc, for having nowadays the presidency of the internationalorganization. The first test will be this in Chile.

At the head of the organizing equipment there is Juan Enrique Vallejos, the president of the Association Breeders' Biobío of ChileanHorses. In spite of the importance of the task, he feels calm. It relies on an important group of businessmen and peasants that it is working.

" We are calm enough, but being employed atintensive form. We have the support of people of the rodeo and of the breeders, who is very cooperative and awkward, to be able to realize a holiday of the first level ", indicatesVallejos
The logic indicates that as for organizing the rodeo there would no be major secrets.

" We have years of experience in doing something more than a rodeo. We take four versionsof the Holiday of the Chilenidad. In the last version we had 10 thousand persons who could enjoy a great variety of spectacles, besides the properly such rodeo ", tells Vallejos.
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