Greek history

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Greek Histoy

According to historians and archeological findings, the Neolithic Age in Greece lasted from 6800 to 3200 BC. The most domesticated settlements werein Near East of Greece. They traveled mainly due to overpopulation. These people introduced pottery and animal husbandry in Greece. They may as well have traveled via the route of Black sea intoThrace, which then further leads to Macedonia, Thessaly, Boeotia etc.
EARLY BRONZE AGE (2900 - 2000BC)
The Greek Bronze Age or the Early Helladic Era started around 2800 BC and lasted till 1050 BC inCrete while in the Aegean islands it started in 3000 BC. The Bronze Age in Greece is divided into periods such as Helladic I, II. The information that is available today on the Bronze Age in Greece isfrom the architecture, burial styles and lifestyle.
Minoan Age(2000 - 1400 BC )
Bronze Age civilization, centring on the island of Crete. It was named after the legendary king Minos. It is dividedinto three periods: the early Minoan period (c.3000-2200 B.C.), the Middle Minoan period (c.2200-1500 B.C.) and the Late Minoan period (c.1500-1000 B.C.).
Mycenaean Age (600 - 1100 BC)
Period ofhigh cultural achievement, forming the backdrop and basis for subsequent myths of the heroes. It was named for the kingdom of Mycenae and the archaeological site where fabulous works in gold wereunearthed.
The Dark Ages (1100 - 750 BC)
- The period between the fall of the Mycenean civilizations and the readoption of writing in the eigth or seventh century BC. After the Trojan Wars the Mycenaeanswent through a period of civil war, the country was weak and a tribe called the Dorians took over. Some speculate that Dorian invaders from the north with iron weapons laid waste the Mycenaeanculture. Others look to internal dissent, uprising and rebellion, or perhaps some combination.
Archaic Period (750 - 500 BC)
The Archaic Period in Greece refers to the years between 750 and 480 B.C.,...
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