Greek writers

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Greek writers
In ancient Greece they were some important writers , for example : Homer; that was the gratest author for them , he made the Iliad and the Odyssey , he used older, oral traditionsGreeks recognized Homer for his influence and did not consider educated unless they read his works. Plato, he was the student of Socrates, the philosophy of Socrates is knows throught all the works ofPlato, because Socrates never wrote anything, 35 dialogues and 13 letters just, have been attributed to Plato and the most famous one is “The Republic and Symposium”, he is regarded like one of thefathers of Wstern philosophy , his theory and forms of thinking of ideal state , now a day are still discussed. Other famous writer was Sappho, her poetry is quoted by later authors , most of her quoteswere short and a great quality, even when they were short, she was the opposite of Homer and Herisod , she tried to express private feelings, no one of her poems are complete, so it`s hard to understandthem , and they could have a lot of interpretations . She has a school where youn aristocratic women recieved a good education before they get married. Euripides, his plays were more exuberant thatSophocles ones , he has the heroes and heroines face difficult choises, but they were solved by the appearance of a god, His greatness was recognized by the poet Aristophanes that was a comic poet, whogives to Eurioides many parodies and appareances from his tragedies, he wrote 95 plays and just 18 survived completely. Aristophanes; he was a playwright that wrote comedies, more or less he wrote 40plays , and just 11 have survived as complete manuscripts , others have survive as fragments. His works have not only artistic influence, on later theater , they have algo been used as historicaldocuments, to shown how was the Athen's life before. Sophocles, he was a tragedian that wrote 123 plays , and just 7 have survived ; he developed the theater by adding a 3rd actor , reducing the...
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