Green industry

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The environment plays a key role in our development and our future; and after years of exploitation and malnourishment, we realized, how important our planet is and how it was necessary to start taking care of it in order to be able to survive. This concern has led us to the creation of new strategies and concepts that would help us maintain and protect the balance of the Earth. These newstrategies are better known as the “green” industry, which main purpose is to develop technologies that are favorable for the environment, and/or to use natural resources like solar energy and wind for power. The green industry has grown very rapidly during the past decade due to the high demand for green technology and the new regulations that have been established by some countries due to their highlevels of contamination, air pollution or global warming.
Currently, the main motivation for companies to be part of the green industry is to comply with legislation by implementing environmental management systems. Companies like IBM have developed programs like “Smarter Planet" which helps companies to integrate the growing ability of information technology (IT) to improve efficiency, reducewaste and cut environmental impact across all areas of operation.Other factors of less importance are image enhancement, to show to customers their concern about the environment, cost reduction because in some instances the government offers incentives to companies that are willing to go “green”, and market requirements in order to compete with other companies. The benefits of implementingenvironmental management systems are not negligible: energy saving, efficiency in resource management, cost reduction, public recognition, and of course the most important of all the benefits this it has on the environment.
However, not all companies have implemented an environmental management system. One of the causes for non-implementation of these systems is the lack of training. We must putemphasis on informing the small businesses; also often a lack of resources has hampered the implementation of environmental management systems; but there are several organizations that promote different incentives to support it. Nevertheless it is necessary to mention that the only ones who seem to be receiving these incentives are the big companies, who seem to be looking into the green industry as away to make money by investing on it, they see the potential of the green industry as an opportunity to make money we can see how projects like “Energy Smart Miami” with a price tag of $200 million is considered the biggest commercialization of smart-grid technology according to GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt the project includes big name companies like Cisco GE and Florida Light and Power, under thisproject the city of Miami. The green industry has been expanding at a very steady pace, unfortunately it seems that the greed for money is driving the real purpose of this idea far away from it, it seems like a lot of companies are more interest on the amount of money they are going to be making than on how they would be helping the environment.
The green industry has also seen a lot of growth insubstantiality during the past decade generating millions of dollars and creating millions of jobs, according to Kevin Doyle President of Green Economy the green industry has also been growing at a rate of about 5% annually, opening a lot of opportunities for many people that work in different fields who are able to use their knowledge to help deliver all the things that are necessary for the greenindustry to succeed like any other type of industry, with the advantage of having a wide range of different academic backgrounds. There is a whole new variety of careers or extensions of the typical ones, including engineers, chemists, lawyers architects just to name a few, whose main focus are to create products, structures and study the natural resources to get a better understanding of our...
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