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International Journal of Engineering & Technology IJET Vol: 9 No: 9


Remote Monitoring in Agricultural Greenhouse Using Wireless Sensor and Short Message Service (SMS)
IZZATDIN ABDUL AZIZ, MOHD HILMI HASAN, MOHD JIMMY ISMAIL, MAZLINA MEHAT, NAZLEENI SAMIHA HARON Computer and Information Sciences Department Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Bandar Seri Iskandar, 31750 Tronoh, Perak MALAYSIA{Izzatdin, mhilmi_hasan},, {mazlinamehat, nazleeni}
Abstract: - In traditional method of farming, human labors were required to visit the greenhouse at specific time and need to check the humidity level and temperature level manually. This conventional method is considered time consuming and needs a lot of work and effort. Therefore this researchfocuses on developing a system that can remotely monitor and predict changes of temperature level in agricultural greenhouse. The objective of the research is to develop a remote temperature monitoring system using wireless sensor and Short Message Service (SMS) technology. The proposed system has a measurement which capable of detecting the level of temperature. This system also has a mechanism toalert farmers regarding the temperature changes in the greenhouse so that early precaution steps can be taken. In this research, several tests had been conducted in order to prove the viability of the system. Test results indicated that the reliability of the system in propagating information directly to the farmers could be gained excellently in various conditions. Key-Words: - Remote Monitoring;Wireless Sensor; SMS; GSM; Monitoring System.

1 Introduction
The concern with a lot of consumer needs and demands for agriculture products has stimulated awareness for the farmer to increase their products in the market by implementing new technologies in this industry. Among the important things that may come to the farmers’ interest is how to control the used of natural sources and naturalenvironment which agricultures depend on. Therefore, this problem has captured farmers’ interest to implement agro-environmental remote monitoring method in their agriculture industries. The agro-environmental remote monitoring method can be implemented in various situations such as in monitoring qualities of soil and water. However this research focuses solely in remotely monitoring levels oftemperature in greenhouse. By utilizing proper technology, the natural environment and resource, in this case is temperature, which is very important for the plants can be monitored efficiently. Previously, human labor plays a very important role in monitoring farm and plants in this industry. For some critical plants such as vegetables and flowers, they need 24 hours attention from human so that thequantities and qualities of the plant can be controlled. With proper management of collected data and information, this will provide them with

strong foundation for future development and future growth of their plants. However, because of increasing size in farming areas, this type of manual practice is apparently time consuming and laborintensive. However, with the improvement of managementin agriculture techniques, modern telecommunication technologies can be implemented which provide great assistance for the industry. Due to the fast development in telecommunication technologies, it is believed that wireless communication is a good practice for remote sensing in the agriculture industries. This research has fully utilized wireless sensor network, Global System for MobileCommunication (GSM) and short message service (SMS) to carry out data from the sensors to computers or directly alert the workers through their mobile phone. This practice has eliminated the used of wired technology and improved old method of collecting data in farming areas. This technology has seen to be suitable in the current era of wireless age. Moreover, this research focuses on the study on remote...
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