Greenpeace y sus funciones

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  • Publicado : 26 de noviembre de 2010
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Agustín Ortiz Jr.
GOVT 2305 MO9
Mr. Nava
28 October 2010

Interest Group “Greenpeace”
Greenpeace is a worldwide ecological organization that realizes campaigns against the big industries that contaminate the planet and different activities to protect the biodiversity of ecosystems in the world. Greenpeace was founded in the decade of the 70’s, the era of the hippies and the peace and lovefor all the people. The activist spirit and the student movements were part of the daily life in many countries, there were so many marches supporting the peace and the importance of take care about nature and our environment. In those years, the people had the idea and the strong conviction that the world could be a better place to live. In 1969, United States would carry out nuclear tests onAmchitka, in the Aleutian Islands, Canada. Two angry Americans: Irving and Dorothy Stowe left their country in a way of protest against the Vietnam War. They arrived to Canada in 1966 with their sons: Robert and Barbara. The Stowes’s house became in an action center in Canada for the Americans to protest against the United States nuclear tests. A couple of family friends: Marie and Jim Bohlen had theidea to go on boat to the test area. There were would be sown the first seed that would later give rise to Greenpeace. The name came out in the middle of a ecologic convoy organized by Bill Darnell, Mr. Stowe said “peace” and Mr. Darnell answered a: “green peace” and they unknowingly give the name to the most famous and important ecological organization in the world now knowing as “Greenpeace”.Since then, Greenpeace organization adopt the basic principle of peaceful direct action and nonviolent protest as strategy for politicians, government, businesses, and thus challenge the decision to achieve its mission: a green planet, socially just, peaceful and without inequality. The Greenpeace Headquarter is located in The Netherlands, Amsterdam. The Greenpeace organization consists ofGreenpeace International (Stitching Greenpeace Council) in Amsterdam and Greenpeace offices around the world. Greenpeace is currently represented in 41 countries around the world and each national and regional office is licensed to use the name Greenpeace. The way how Greenpeace is financially supported is through the people who take action in conjunction with the ecological association. The people help inthe campaigns and donate money by the website or mail service and it’s supported for all the local groups in the countries where Greenpeace is represented and all the volunteers. Greenpeace is focused just in the protection of the environment; this Organization does not belong to any political party or defend any political ideology. I know that people think that Greenpeace is sponsored bysome governments with secrets purposes or political objectives, but that is wrong. In my opinion an organization like Greenpeace would work better if they have nothing to do with the political parties or private objectives, because in this way, the organization inspires more credibility to the people. Greenpeace is completely independent and autonomous from any influence, financial or otherwise, ofany government, group or individual with private political or lucrative objectives. Greenpeace just adopted the banner of “Non violence” rejected any attack either people or property. Greenpeace has focused its campaigns in four different areas: Earth and the seas, Toxics, Energy and Atmosphere. Animals and plants are suffering from the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and thealteration of ecosystems endangering the fragile biodiversity of the planet. That is the reason why Greenpeace realize campaigns to defend the Earth and its ecosystems and the ecosystems from the Oceans and the Sea. Pollution, overfishing, aquaculture and acidification are some of the treats faced by the most of the oceans in the planet. Undoubtedly, in the currently century the oceans are...