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After Colin Dawson is kicked out by Roger who takes over the lead vocal spot from fill-in vocalist Gabby Connolly, The Detours become a hard working semi-pro rock’n’roll/R&B quartet on the westLondon circuit of pubs, clubs and ballrooms.

In February, The Detours change their name to The Who at the suggestion of Pete’s art school friend Richard Barnes. The Who acquire themanagerial services of Helmut Gorden, a doorknob manufacturer from Shepherd’s Bush.
In April, after an impromptu audition at the Oldfield Hotel in Greenford, west London, Keith Moon, who had been drumming forthe past year in local Wembley group, Clyde Burns and The Beachcombers, joins The Who. The group had been using a session drummer Dave Golding following the departure of Doug Sandom.

All four bandmembers grew up around London – Townshend, Daltrey, and Entwistle in the working-class Shepherd's Bush area. Townshend's parents were professional entertainers. He and Entwistle knew each other atschool in the late-1950s and played in a Dixieland band when they were in their early teens, with Townshend on banjo and Entwistle on trumpet. They played together in a rock band, but Entwistle left in1962 to join the Detours. That band included Roger Daltrey, a sheet-metal worker. When the Detours needed to replace a rhythm guitarist, Entwistle suggested Townshend, and Daltrey switched from leadguitar to vocals when the original singer, Colin Dawson, left in1963. Not long after that, drummer Doug Sandom was replaced by Moon, who was then playing in a surf band called the Beachcombers. Byearly 1964 the group had changed its name to the Who, and not long after, the excitement inspired by Townshend's bashing his guitar out of frustrating during a show ensured it would become a part of theact.

Sunday, July 1st, 1962
Paradise Club, Peckham, South London

July/August (exact dates unknown)

The Detours played three shows at the Paradise Club during July and...
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