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English Final:
1. What is the bad news strategy?
-explanation, detail, evidence, info
-main idea
2. What is a buffer?
-neutral or pleasant statement
3. Mentionsome types of messages that follow the bad news strategy?
4. Should you use active or passive voice in the bad news message? Why?-passive voice, because is diplomatic and encourages goodwill
5. What is a resale statement?
-gives a reminder of the company’s products or services.
6. What is a request refusal?
7. What is anadjustment message?
-replies to claim messages
8. Explain the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) strategy?
-is a specific approach to gaining the receivers attention, presentinginformation to encourage interest, adding details about receivers benefits to heighten the receivers desire and to respond favorably, and urging the receiver to action on the request.
9. What is ethicalpersuasion?
-Giving the receiver the information they need to make informed decisions about the value of your request or your product.
10. Describe the difference between an emotional an rationalappeal?
-emotional relates to ego, status, and self-satisfaction
-rational relates to logic and intellect and descriptions are more manner-of-fact.
11. Mention the purpose of the opening of apersuasive message?
-to attract the receivers favorable attention and to encourage further reading
12. What is the purpose of a resume?
-obtain interview
13. What is a claim?
-messages thatexpress dissatisfaction with a product or service
14. What is the most important part of a negative message?
-help the receiver clearly understand the inconvenience suffered, it describes theseriousness of the situation
15. What is the goal of a collection message? What are the stages that they reflect?
-to collect the money that is owed and to preserve goodwill with the customer...
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