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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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What is it? The origin of drug addiction is in the brain of people, they have the Psychological need to consume any kind of drugs. Drugs can cause physical dependence orpsychological, it is true that at first produce a pleasurable effect, and for this reason people consume again, until they become addicts , them they have the necessity to consume doses more higher, becausethey don’t cause the same effect as before and this is more dangerous.

In Bolivia this problem is increasing day by day, is consumed by men, woman and child’s; of every 100 people of 14 to 60years, 20 consume alcoholic drinks or illegal drugs, and also 4 are woman.
Drug addiction is an illness, some symptoms are: The person doesn’t remember what he or she did while he or she wasintoxicated, they lie and steal money to buy drugs.
Addiction should be treated by experts, the addict must accept that he or she is sick and stop from consuming drugs, some people think that talking withthe addicted person could be the solution but this is false.
Some scientists say that we can know if the person will become addicted or not, for they behavior in childhood, they are very nervous,hyperactive and unstable.
How do people start using drugs? Usually people begin to use the drug for two reasons:
1.- The curiosity: It is the most common especially teenagers, they want to know whatit feels consuming drugs, or what could happen if they consume; so they consume without knowing the consequences
2.- The pressure from friends: Sometimes Young people start using drugs to feelaccepted in a group of friends, knowing the consequences of consume drugs.
Consequences for using drugs: The drugs produce pleasure, but then cause pain, disaster, and many problems for example theymake crimes or illegal activities to buy drug, because they are expensive

Addicted people are marginalized, thy lose friends, also they are imprisoned.
The drug is deadly, people die from...
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