Growing pains

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3d. Recommended Solution and Specific Steps to be taken
In the short term, Maher needs Lee Carter as she is the only head of the marketing department of Waterway and furthermore, it would take itstime to find a person as productive as she was so far. In order to find this person, Maher should develop the recruiting process carefully by profesionals. First, he has to point out the person profilethat he is seeking. Thus, he should not only be swayed for first feelings as happened with Carter (based on her conviction of improving the sales of the company), but also that the newcomer fits thephilosophy of the company. According to “Note of the Hiring and Selection Process“,Maher should be aware, before hiring his new signing, of his background factors, such as education and experience;and personal traits (intellectual ability, personality, and motivation). Here, we must say that it would be necessary to set up a high-contingency system in order to attract good employees to fill thevacancy (Rynes, Gerhart, & Minette, 2004, p.390).
For now, Maher can hold her in the company by offering a new compensation package, giving her a little equity in the company. Also, Waterway hasto take advantage of her energy and performance. Thus, an important step to be followed by Maher might be rethinking his business strategy. He has to know where he wants Waterway to go: continuegrowing by entering new hot markets or stay with canoes and kayaks. Once he decided the mission and, consequently, the business strategy that Waterway will follow, he should build up a new organizationalstrategy. Here is where motivation and incentive strategy plays their roll.
According to Kate Travis, head of the commercial lending department at CenterTrust, Maher is paying out more commission tothe reps and distributors than ever before and he is asking for a credit. Therefore, this is an issue that should not be allowed to ignore from the point of view of financial risk. Maher should give...
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