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Production Logging
Production Logging Tools
A wide range of production logging tools for use in all type of downhole environments are available: • • Production logging tools for vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells Full range of sensors and running hardware for memory and electric line PL logging

Production logging tools for all applications are available, including: • Flow ratemeasurements: Continuous Flowmeters, Basket Flowmeters, Fullbore Flowmeters Fluid identification / Flow composition tools: Gas Holdup, Capacitance Water Holdup, Radioactive Fluid Density, Differential Pressure Density, Capacitance Array Flow condition / Well diagnostic tools: Pressure, Temperature, X-Y Caliper, Inclinometer Correlation tools: Gamma Ray, Casing Collar Locator

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MemoryProduction Logging
The Memory Production Logging string is normally deployed on slickline or coiled tubing. Simultaneous telemetry transmits the signals from standard sensors to a battery powered memory tool at the top of the tool string. The memory tool is programmed using a computer, and interfaces to record log values with intervals as short as 0.1 seconds or as long as many hours betweenreadings. Once the logging operation is complete, the procedure for merging the log-time and depth-time data is rapid.

This example provides a display of typical production logging tool data. For a complete interpretation temperature, pressure, holdup, and fluid velocity readings are necessary. Track 1 consists of the gamma ray (GR1), pressure (PR1), and temperature (TEMP1). The pressure datashows that this well has not achieved a steady production rate at this time. Tracks 2 – 4 provide data concerning the fluid holdup as measured by the CAT™ tool, radioactive fluid density and fluid capacitance tool. Tracks 5 and 6 provide information about the fluid movement and cable speed. Track 2 consists of the average capacitance reading from 4 different passes of the Capacitance Array Tool (CAT).Higher readings indicate hydrocarbons while water is around 450 counts or the right side of the track. Track 3 is the fluid density from 4 passes of the radioactive fluid density tool. Likewise, track 4 consists of 4 passes of the fluid capacitance tool where low counts indicate water while the higher counts indicate hydrocarbons. Track 5 consists of 4 passes of the continuous spinner with pass 1and 2 showing a nonsteady state. Track 6 shows the speed of the tool, and since the well was logged with a coiled tubing the two speeds are about 30 fpm down and 20 fpm up.

Electric Line Production Logging
Using a computerized system, calibration, recording, and printing of well logs can be done in real-time. When operating in this mode, the downhole telemetry transfers data from thetoolstring to the surface system via an electric line.

Production Logging Tool Features
PL Tools contains the following features: • • Great selection of flowmeter types and sizes High sensitivity and low threshold velocity flowmeters 178 Cased Hole


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Standard and compact tool sizes Multiple logging sensors in one string Advanced sensors for horizontal and undulating wellsProduction Logging Tool Benefits
PL offers the following benefits: • • More accurate and reliable information Conveyance flexibility: Tool string can be deployed on electric line, slickline, coiled tubing or drillpipe Greater consistency of data sets as a result of using the same sensors for electric line and memory operations More fast, accurate, safe, reliable operations

Associated AnswerProducts
The following answer products are associated with PL Tools: • • • Hard copy log of multiple sensor measurements Wellsite Production Log Analysis Advanced Production Log Analysis at Applied Formation Evaluation Centers

Tool Section

Length (ft) (m) 0.9 0.9 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.4

Diameter (in) 1.375 1.500 1.688 1.500 1.688 1.688 1.500 1.688 1.375 1.688 1.500 1.688 2.125 1.688 1.688...
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