Guayaquil food

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  • Publicado : 2 de enero de 2011
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Guayaquil Food Description
The province of Guayaquil is rich in culinary traditions, among them they prepare foods that you just can’t miss, winch include seafood dishes prepared ecuadorian style ofall kinds. The same goes for their different dishes like rice with seafood /arroz con mariscos and their seafood casseroles /cazuela con mariscos. Not only the food of the sea is present but also thedelicious roasted beefs / carnes asadas with menestra. Whoever likes soups will not be able to afford to miss the opportunity to taste the rich and consistent soup, Caldo de manguera.
• Caldo deManguera.- A delicious soup made of pig intestines stuffed with blood and rice.
• Ceviche.- We use the word ceviche for a number of seafood dishes prepared in a similar way, usually it consistsof raw (or lightly cooked) shellfish with lemon. Although there is also a peruvian food called "ceviche", this is a totally different food. Ecuadorian Ceviche is Different and is original from Here,the only thing they have in common is the name. My favorites are Concha Prieta (Black clam, Anadara tuberculosa), Mussel (Mytilus spp.), Ostión (a small oyster Crassostrea columbiensis), Ostra ( a bigOyster C. iridescens), Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei), Fish (white fleshed preferably), Lobster (Panilurus spp.), squid (Loligo spp.), Octopus (Octupus spp.) Churo (a sea - snail), Red Mangrove Crab(Ulcides occidentalis) etc.
• Encebollado.- Also known as Languriango, this is a delicious soup made of yellow fin Tuna (Tunus albacares) and Yuca.  It may be the world's best pick me up for aHangover.
• Guatita.- This is cow stomach (librillo, guatita, panza, callos) with potatoes and peanut sauce. Mmmm! Sounds Delicious , well maybe not, but it sure tastes that way, believe me, try my quickrecipe and tell me later.
• Cangrejo Criollo.- Red Mangrove crab Ulcides occidentalis, prepared with a special seasoning, and you eat it with some really good extras and a lot of beer. This...
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