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1. Which examples of strategic thinking of the Gucci family fit the generative reasoning perspective?

The examples of strategic thinking of the Gucci family that fit the generative reasoningperspective are mentioned below:

* First of all, Guccio Gucci’s trip to London at the age of 17 and working as a humble kitchen assistant and also not joining his family business of making strawhats.
* Guccio Gucci studied the market very nicely during his stay in London, undertook various jobs to achieve his dreams and then finally opened a branded shop in his name.
* Moreover, whenPrincess Grace visited the store in Florence in search of a floral silk scarf, Guccio immediately put one into production. (The same print was later retrieved from the archive and used as the basis ofGucci’s wildly successful haute-couture collection in the summer of 2004).
* Lastly, the scattered myriad purse design in every shape and size, without taking its price and profitability intoconsideration.

2. Which example of strategic thinking of the Gucci family members fit the rational reasoning perspective?

* Aldo Gucci, Guccio Gucci’s oldest son, filled the petition to open asecond shop in Rome. This was again a great and innovative thinking on the part of Gucci family. Further, Aldo opening a new store of Gucci in Milan is also a very prominent example of rationalthinking, as it was more profitable to do so.
* Opening of Gucci stores in USA.
* Extending the Gucci brand into perfumes.
* The licensing agreements for the production of Gucci goods.

3.How does the strategic thinking of the Gucci family members fit the characteristics of design thinking? (Liedtka, Reading 2.3)

* The advent of the GG stirrup-like insignia was generative, butthrough synthesis it became an integral component to the Gucci product designs for decades.
* Adductively, the Gucci’s who envisioned the brand extensions into US retail storefronts, and into a...
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