Guerra de independencia de mexico contra españa

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  • Publicado : 26 de noviembre de 2010
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I. - On September 16, 1810, a progressive priest named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla became the father of Mexican Independence.
II.- Warsaround the world will be interested us because they had different reasons to be, but I think all wars are fought the injustices of one village against another.
III. - Known as the “Grito deDolores”, Hidalgo’s declaration launched a decade long struggle that ended 300 years of colonial rule, established an independent Mexico and helped cultivate a unique Mexican identity.

I.-Thepriest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla became the father of Mexican Independence with a historic proclamation urging his fellow Mexicans to take up arms against the Spanish government. Hidalgo led hisgrowing militia from village to village on route to Mexico City, leaving in their wake a bloodbath that he later came to deeply regret. (History Channel, 2010)

II.- The land that is now Mexico fellinto Spanish hands in August 1521 when Hernan Cortes and his army of conquistadors toppled the Aztec empire, ushering in three centuries of colonial rule and importing new diseases that decimated onceflourishing native populations. (History Channel, 2010)

III.- On September 16, 1810, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla a respected Catholic priest issued a passionate rallying cry known as the “Grito deDolores” (Cry of Dolores) that amounted to a declaration of war against the colonial government. So named because it was publicly read in the town of Dolores, the Grito called for the end of Spanishrule in Mexico, the redistribution of land and a racial equality.
(History Channel, 2010)


I. - Although September 16, 1810, marked the beginning of Mexico’s struggle for independencerather than its ultimate achievement, the anniversary of the Grito de Dolores has been a day of celebration across Mexico since the late 19th century

II.- When in 1810 started the war of...
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