Guerra hispanoamericana

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  • Publicado : 28 de octubre de 2010
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For a long time the Cuban people suffered the consequences of bad government, and several times was against Spanish rule. The abuses were the reasons to start a newrevolution. In 1985, Spain sent a large army to the Cubans, using cruelty to achieve its purposes.
American people decided to help Cuba, the main reason for Americans to start this war was to "liberate" theisland of Cuba from Spanish rule, the U.S. fought this war in order to protect their businesses in the rest of the world, have more minerals, to acquire land, to produce fruit, sugar etc. the presenceof Spain in the Caribbean was annoying for them, that is why without been part of the war, Puerto Rico was also invaded.
This war allows to the United States announce to the rest of the world thatthey were now a major player. The war demonstrated a United States move towards imperialism (the taking of colonies). This move was quite surprising, since the US, had generally opposed the Europeancolonial habit.
In the other hand, there is a lot of historical proof that the "yellow journalists" tried to instigate the Spanish- American war because they knew war would help sell more newspapers.The role of the newspapers in this war was very important and increase the public opinion of this war, and in all following United States wars.
In order to assure the world that it was fighting onlyfor the good of Cuba and not for colonial gain, the US passed the Teller Amendment, which promised to make Cuba independent after the war was over. On December 10, 1898, the Treaty of Paris wassigned, ending the war. The US liberated Cuba, and got Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines as colonies for itself.
After the war, the US made improvements in Cuban infrastructure and educationalsystems, and prepared to leave. But in 1901, before leaving, the US forced the Cubans to insert the Platt Amendment into their constitution, which gave the US a military base on the island (Guantanamo)....
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