Guerra mundial

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Commmunist is a formo f socialismo wich advocates the violent overthrow

Foundational to Communism is the atheistic idea that there are no absolutes and the Orly reality is matter in motion

Communism is the epitome of rebellion against GOD it is the repudiation of the Judeo-Christian tradition

Communis also known as Marxism-Leninism because Karl Marx and Nicolai Lenin.

Marx formlatedthe Basic ideas of Communism

Lenin was the first to put Communism into practice on a wide scale.

Freiedrich Engels, organizad Marx´s ideas into a pseudo- scientific format

Karl Marx viewed history as a class struggle, he blamed ownership of prívate property as the source of the conflict

Doalectical materialismo is nothing but material World exists and material conditions alone determinea person thinks, acts, feels and relieves

For Marx economics was the greatest driving force in history.

Marx opposed capitalismo and he favored socialismo.

For Marx religión was the opiate of the oeople, he believed that religion was a drug

Friedrich Hegel was his ondly friendo and asóciate

The secular humanismo became the foundation of Communist ideology

Marx and Engelsissu the Communit Manifesto (pamphlet wich laid out a program for Communist revolution)

This pamphlet included.
The abolition of private property and inheritance rights
The redistribution of wealth through heavy, progressive income taxes
A central state bank to contro all crédito and to manipulate the nation’ currency
Government control of all means of Communications and transportationThe abolition of unemployment through social welfare programs

(si quieren se las aprenden, no se si nos las pregunten. Si lo hacen memorícense 3 o 4)

First International were know as Workingmen’s association

Marx considered Das Kapital as his greatest triumph

Das Kapital offered a theoretical foundation for Communist ideaology. In it Marx applied Darwin’s ideas of evolution hispolitical theories in a feeble attempt to five them a scientific basis.

Marx was know as the working man but he never did an honest work in his life

Kiev capital of Ukraine

Ukraine was invaded by a viking tribe know as Rus, so this land became know as THE LAND OF THE RUS or Russia

In 988 Prince Vladimir the Saint introduced Russian Orthodox church (institution that influenced thedevelopment of Russian culture)

Ivan III was known as Ivan the Great he became the first trae nacional leader of a united Russia

Ivan IV he was known as Ivan the Terrible he took the tittle of czar for him Russia gained a loto f territory

New class of people in russia were called serfs

Russia was embracing feudalismo

Michael Romanov began the Romanov dynasty (this dynasty lasted 300years)

The Greatest of the Romanov was Peter the Great and he called himself emperor

He fought for Baltic sea territory in order to Guild the port ciry of St. Petesburg to serve as his new capital and Windows to the west

Catherine the Great exhibiting her Desire to be an enlightment déspota. He wanted that Russia be as culture as France so she promoted arts and sciences

Alexander Ipromoted Russian colonization between Alaska and the Oregon Territory.

By the time of Alexander’s death Russia was the largest country in the World

Nicholas I faced the decembris revolt

Russia invaded Turkish and this was known as Crimean war andi t failured for Russia

Alexander II made the Jews scapegoats for his father’s assassination

There were periodic periods, organizadmassacres called pogroms

Theodor Herzl became avid supporters of Zionism (movement to create nacional Jewish homeland in Palestine)

Russian’s defeat by Japan in the Russo- Japannese war (brief conflicto over control of Manchuria)

A crowd came to czar’s palace to present a petition and the troops fired the crowd this is remembered as Bloody Sunday

Nicholas II established the Duma (an elected...
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