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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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Elvis Theodore Brown 

Have you ever met a person that not only plays a big role in your life but have taught you on how to be a real man?  Well this person has taught me, Elvis Theodore Brown orbetter known as my father the one person on this earth that I show the utmost respect to. The only person that I can really go to when I am in need of something, he has some of the most interestingcharacteristics out of most of the people that I have met on St Maarten.

 He has a quiet persona, someone that doesn’t say much but gets what need to be done and that is the characteristic that Istrive on every day to obtain. He is the hard working type of man who doesn’t depend on someone to do something for him he would rather go and figure it out himself. He works as a mechanic but hadrecently retired from his job at Motor World due to the fact that he thought it was time to begin a new chapter in his life. He frequently tells me that in life a man should always set his prioritiesstraight and go for what he wants in life. He told me that his main priority was to build and provide a home where his family can live and feel safe. He recently completed his payment for his house loan;which he stated was one of the greatest accomplishments that someone could have and feel independent. After he retired at Motor World he later then took up a teaching job at the Vocational TrainingSchool teaching mechanic.

Brown 2

He is basically the person that calls all the shots in the house if there is a big decision that needs to be made; for instance when there is a family discussion andthere is need for an immediate decision he is the one to take up the task and do so or if there is something to be done he makes sure it gets done one way or the other. Recently I told my parentsthat I would like to purchase my own car, but I had to state my case to my father and if he gives me the ok then I know I can get my car.   My father has never been the type of person to be overly...
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