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What comes to your mind when you hear the word war? Do you hear the sound of gunshots and bombs exploding everywhere? Do you hear mothers screaming for their children and children crying fortheir parents? Do you fear for your life? War has always been present in the history of man, since the beginning of times. Man has always sought after conquering, power and treasures. But in thesedays of globalization and democracy it seems like war may disappear, or not. War should be our last resource when fighting for freedom because many people die, war is not moral and there can be anotherway out, but sometimes though war is necessary.
Firstly, many people die in war. There were one hundred sixty million casualties in all wars during the 20th century (Scaruffi). These are the resultsof genocides and hundreds of battles which ended in many dead civilians and soldiers. War has shown to be the survival of the one who kills the most, the fittest. It is also estimated that during thelast decade, more than 2 million children have died (UNICEF). But, are all these deaths necessary? How many kids were left homeless, or worst, parentless? Many of the casualties in war are innocentpersons, who are just running for their life and are caught in between bullets, or are reached by the explosion of a bomb. Since modern wars, like the one in Iraq, are taking place in towns andcities, there are more probabilities that civilians may die. In war, families are separated. Maybe the father was a soldier and had to go and fight, maybe the child was recruited by the “guerrilla”, maybethe mother was caught in between a battle or a bomb exploded next to the house, killing some family members. These are real scenarios that people who live in places where there is war have to dealwith. Every day they wake up, and don’t know in what horrible way they might die. Those who survive a battle may not be able to live a normal life again, many soldiers are left limbless because they...
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