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TOPIC: Passive voice and Present Perfect continuous

Time work: 3 hours.

Introduction: The purpose of this guide is to study passive voice that is made upfrom the verb to be in this case present (am,is,are) or past simple (was,were) + past participle.

And the other topic to study in this guide is present perfect continuous that is made up from aux (has or have)+ verb to be in past participle (been)+ another verb ended (ing).

Grammar focus:

- These sentences are in passive voice form


This room is cleaned everyday (verbo to be y el otro verbo en past participle,así es siempre)

Question form:

Is this room cleaned every day?
Why is this room cleaned every day?

The accident was seen yesterday afternoon by my mother
(observe que el objeto de la oración en este caso va de primero this room, the accident)

Question form:

was theaccident seen yesterday afternoon by your mother?
When was the accident seen by your mother?
(hay muchas más formas pasivas pero por ahora trabajamos con las básicas)

1. Complete the sentences using one of these verbs in passive voice form
present or past depend on the context.
exporte - damage -steal - make - include - give

a. the roof of the building_________________in a storm a few days ago.
b. there’s no need to leave a tip. Service___________________in the bill.
c. a lot of money__________________in the robbery.
d. bananas___________________to Europe.
e. some flowers__________________to Mary.
f. cheese____________________from milk.

2. writequestions in passive voice form some are present some are past.

a. (how - glass - make)___________________________________________
b. (when - telephone - invent)_____________________________________
c. (why - flights – cancel)_________________________________________
d. (What - silver - use for)_________________________________________
e. (What time - museuns -open)__________________________________

These sentences are in present perfect continuous


She has written many books (vemos el presente perfecto en su forma simple)
(aux. has/have y otro verbo en pasado participio).

Ahora tenemos una oración en presente perfecto continuo

They have been repairing the car(aux. has/have, verbo to be in pasado participio “been” y otro verbo con terminación ing así es siempre).

Question form:

Have they been repairing the car?
Where have they been repairing the car?

3. Write sentences using present perfect continuous

a. (Tom - read - for two hours)_____________________________________
b. (They - travel for threemonths)___________________________________
c. (I - play - tennis - since I was ten)_________________________________
d. (we - do - our homework during this last time

e. (she – panit – the ceiling this morning)

Question form present perfect continuous:

f. (how long...
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