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The best places to eat, sleep and play in Bangkok this spring and summer
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Bangkok, the capital of Thailand since 1782, is a relatively new capital city; however, it is bursting with a mixture of old (stunning temples and shrines, the Grand Palace, reclining Buddhas) and new (skyscrapers, the Skytrain rail line,luxury accommodations). The energy in the city is tangible, with bustling street markets, high-end shopping, the notorious shows, late-night clubbing and early morning almsgiving. Yet despite the frenetic atmosphere, you don’t have to look far for the meditative and tranquil feeling that many associate with the Buddhist city. Let yourself go limber during a massage at Wat Pho, float your tensionaway on a boat cruise along the Chao Phraya River or delight in the local food at one of the many street stalls.

1. Bangkok has “three seasons—hot, hotter and hottest. Be prepared for hot and steamy weather. In March through May, temperatures can soar into the 100s and stifle even the heartiest of travelers.”—TripAdvisor Member 2. During the wet season between May and October, “attimes—but not all the time—the rain comes down in buckets, and the thunderstorms can be dramatic. But if you are visiting during this time of year, don’t bother to bring a raincoat—it will be too hot to wear it. Carry an umbrella with you at all times and be prepared to take your shoes off and wade, and you’ll be fine.”—TripAdvisor Member 3. “Have some dress sense—how you dress in Thailand is quiteimportant. You’ll notice that Thai women are very modest in public—they usually swim fully clothed.”—TripAdvisor Member 4. “Read Robert Cooper and Nanthapa Cooper’s tome, Culture Shock! Thailand: A Survival Guide to Custom and Etiquette, which will prepare you for everything, including an audience with the King of Siam.”—TripAdvisor Member, New York, N.Y.



VIEWSLooming over the banks of the Chao Phraya is Wat Arun, Temple of the Dawn. The stunning views, especially at sunset, are well worth the somewhat treacherous climb to the top.
Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun), Tha Tien Pier, Chao Phraya River, 2 465 5640

Is that vertigo or have you just had one too many martinis? You won’t know for sure at Sirocco, an open-air bar on the 64thfloor of a skyscraper. “Ohh, what I can say here? It’s unbelievable and beautiful—I can see the whole of Bangkok City at night.”— TripAdvisor Member, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sky Bar at Sirocco, State Tower, 1055 Silom Road, 2 624 9555

Try a view of Bangkok from the water. “I was lucky enough to take a three-day trip up river on the Manohra Song. The ship and crew pampered all six guests withluxury. Quality food, service and cabins. Each couple has their own guide when the boat docks, to escort you to many interesting venues.”— TripAdvisor Member, Pennsylvania
Manohra Song, Marriott Bangkok Resort & Spa, 257 Charoennakorn Road, Samrae Thonburi, 2 477 0770

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TOP 10 Attractions

6. Chao Phraya River

1. Grand Palace, Na Phra Lan Road, Maharaj Pier, Next to Wat...