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2 Visual Design Elements

Sun's corporate identity is distinguished and strengthened by the consistent use of visual design elements in its products. By using the core visual design elements discussed in this chapter, we strengthen the association between Sun's corporate identity and all browser-based Sun applications. Similarly, other companies can represent their own products and corporateidentity though these visual elements.
2.1 Color Palette

The consistent use of a color palette across product lines helps to reinforce Sun's corporate identity and also serves as a tool for visually organizing data. The color palette used in the Web Application Guidelines brand is part of an overall brand system.

The colors used in the Sun Web Application brand fall on the more neutral sideof the Sun brand color palette. Please refer to the example below.

Many of Sun's browser-based applications manage and monitor systems. Due to this, the color palette for the user interface is more subdued to allow data and alarms to be viewed readily. While other companies should use their own color palettes rather than using Sun's, this same philosophy should be considered in choosingappropriate colors for web applications.

Required Guideline Use the Sun Common UI Component Library (in open source, the Project Woodstock components) to ensure color and design consistency, combined with the style sheets specifying the color palette your company uses.
2.2 Fonts

Font display is complicated by the vast differences in how various platforms and browsers treat fonts. A central concernthat underlies these guidelines is the need to support both accessibility requirements and user preferences.

Aspects of text appearance include: font face, weight, color, size, and background color. The cascading style sheets used by the components in the Sun Common UI Component Library define the font appearance within the components.
2.2.1 Font-Family

The font-families specified in thecascading style sheets used by the Sun Common UI Component Library are: Arial, Helvetica, and sans-serif, in that order of preference. These fonts are sans-serif fonts (fonts without serifs), which display well on screens due to their relatively simple design. Multiple font-families are provided to accommodate various operating systems. However, other companies may choose to change these stylesheets to a different font family as part of their brand.

Note that product names in the masthead of Sun's web applications use images instead of plain text. Sun's product names are images because the SunSans family of fonts is not installed on most computers. For more information about "Product Name Images", see: Appendix C, Product Name Images.
2.2.2 Font Style and Color

The use of fontstyle and color is a subtle, yet integral, element of the overall UI design. The Sun Common UI Component Library uses cascading style sheets to control font style and color. Most of the text specified by these guidelines is normal-weight, black text against a white background. However, bold text and other color combinations are specified in various UI elements.
2.2.3 Font Size

The Sun Common UIComponent Library uses cascading style sheets to control font sizing. The style sheets are platform and browser-specific to provide consistent font-sizing results. To take advantage of this, your application must use browser detection to determine which cascading style sheet to apply.

The style sheets use "em" font size scaling. Using relative font-size units yields control of font size to theend user and allows for more flexibility while improving legibility for the visually impaired.

Users can specify desired font sizes and override page-specified font-sizes via their browser's preference settings. For more information, see Appendix D, Accessibility.
2.3 Logos

The only logos included in the Sun Common UI Component Library for Sun web applications are the Sun and the Java...
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