Guia de ingles 1

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I. Form true sentences using the verbs from the box.
Brush not read drink have(x2) not wash Go(x2) get uplive watch weight |

Example: the average British man sleeps 8 hours 19 minutes a night

1. 22% of British families___________________________ to Spain for their holiday.
2. The average British woman __________________62 kilos.
3. British teenagers ______________________________________ much, but they _______________TV for over19 hours a week.
4. The average British teenager __________________________ at 7:20
5. A typical British man ___________________a bath twice a week, but he ________________ hair each time.
6. British people ___________________, on average, six cups of tea a day.
7. The average British person ____________________ his or her teeth for only 20
8. Over 6 million Britishfamilies ___________________ a dog.
9. The average British person_______________________ to the dentist twice year.
10. British women ________________________, on average, 76 years.

II. Two friends have just met each other in the street. Complete the dialogue.

Jake: hi! What / you / do in town? (1) ________________________________________________?
Adam: I /take this letters to the post office. Then I / go to the bank. (2)

Jake: What/ you / do these days? (3)_______________________________________?
Adam: Well, I /not/ enjoy my job at the moment. So I think of changing it / apply for jobs in advertising. (4).____________________________________________________________

Jack: I/ get ready to go on holiday. (5) _______________________________________________.
Adam: You/ always/ go on holiday! Where/ you / go this a time? (6) ______________________

Jake: We / go to Greece. Alison/ come with me. I/ really/ look forward to it. (7)____________________________________________________________

Adam: How long you/ go for? (8)____________________________________________________.
Jake: We/ not stay for very long, only a week. (9)_________________________________________

Adam: what / Alison /do these days? (10)____________________________________________.

Jake: She is still at collage. She / train to be a teacher. (11) ________________________________

Adam: Well, it / get late. (12) _____________________________________, Id better go.
Jake: yes, me too. Bye


III. Answer thequestions about the boy in the picture.

Write eight sentences about Mathew. Look at the picture and write things he is doing and four things he does. Use these verbs.

Wear (2) watch work play (x2)ride use readlisten |

Example: He is wearing a T- shirt. He watches TV.

1. ____________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________________

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