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I underline the correct sentences in simple past.

Marco didn´t danced yesterday.
Griselda went to Francia with her brother last month. 
Did Gu illermo visited his grandparents.
Sara passed English with ten last semester
Janet played soccer three days ago.

II Rewrite these sentences in negative form.

Jonathan won the race ten years ago. 
Jonathan didn´t win the race ten years ago.Ricardo paid to the bank three days ago.
Ricardo didn´t paid the bank two days ago.
Margarita did her history homework.
Margarita didn´t never history homework.
Talia wrote an excellent novel last year.
Talia didn´t write an excellent novel last year.
Guillermo eat many tacos yesterday
Guillermo didn´t eat tacos yesterday

III underline the correct answer have or has

I have/hasanswered the question
She have /has opened the window
They have/ has called us.
You have/has carried a box
It have/has rained a lot

IV Complete with the correct word just, Already or yet

Have you seen the movie bowling for columbine yet?
I haven´t phoned Begonia yet I´ll don´t when I get back form work
Billy: Do you kwon anything about sally?
Betty: Oh she´s fine I´ve Just spoken to heron the phone.
Betty: have you cleaned the bathroom yet?
Billy: I´ve Already done it. I did it on hour ago.
Jim sends his love. I´ve Just seen him in the high street.
We can´t have chips again. We´ve Already haul them three times this week. 
Color the correct answer 

Which is correct? 
A) Brazil is in an south America 
B) Brazil is in a south America
C) Brazil is in south America Which is correct?
A) I´m going to United States of America 
B)I´m going to the unites states of America
C) I´m going to united states of America 

Which is correct?
A) Shanghai is the largest city in de china.
B)They shanghai is the largest city in china.
C) A shanghai is the largest city in china.

Which is correct?
A) The outlying island include peng chau and Cheung chau 
B) Aoutlying island include peng chau and Cheung chau 
C) Outlying islands include Perg Chau and chaung chau 

Which is correct?
A) Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in china, the Himalayas and the world.
B)The Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in china, Himalayas and the world.
C) Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in china. 

English  Unspool Spanish 
Virgin Sano
exciting Exitante da placer
Dramatic Dramatico
Noisy Ruidoso
Natural Natural
Peaceful Pacifico
Quiet Quieto
Relaxing Relajante

I write the letter in the correct picture 

a) Clued b) fag

c) son d) rain

e) wind f) snow

g) ice h) storm


II complete with these word (finish, dear, exclamation, contracted, paragraphs) 

Start the letter with Dear and the person´s name
Use contracted forms, I´m ,It´s
Use contracted bashes and underlining. They make the letter more informal.
White about good and bad news in different paragraphs 
Finish your letter with last of love, take care or see you song.

III complete with orwon´t 

We will be a the cleaner air
The climate won´t stay the same 
There will be more people in the world the nowadays. 
The weather will continue to change 
Many animals will die out

IV underline the correct word

Warm place you grow plants 
Influence/ solution/huge/fantastic/ice rink/ green house

The answer to problems 
Influence/solution/huge/fantastic/ice rink/green house/
Influence/solution/huge/fantastic/ice rink/green house/humid

A place where you can go ice skating 
Influence/solution/huge/fantastic/ice rink/green house/
Very, very Lange
Influence/solution/huge/fantastic/ice rink/green house/
To change something a someone in some day 
Influence/solution/huge/fantastic/ice rink/green house/


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