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I. Places around the city. (con dibujos de cda uno)


Bus station

Post office



Train station


News dealer

Air portSuper market

Gas station

Coffee shop



II. Prepositions of places (location)

---: excuse me! Can you help me? I’m looking for the gasstation.

**: the gas station is on de corner of the ____ street and ___ street, next to the restaurant and in front of the mall.
between the mall and the bank is thepharmacy.


III. Some/any/a

**no las tngo en el cuaderno :s mñna te ayudo qn esto…** o cheka si tiens algo oo sakalas de internet.**


*in Alaska in fall the weather is usually cold.
*in England in summer the weather is often freezing.
*in Russia in spring the weather is sometimes sunny.*in Brazil in winter the weather is seldom rainy.
*in Puerto Rico in summer the weather id always hot.

V. Transportation

Plane, bus, train, boat, car,bicycle, horse, taxi, subway, underground, foot

VI. Future

• I will go on the high school.

• jimmy and I will go to the cinema

• Mario will play football tomorrow• I won’t go to the party.

• mike isn’t going to the school festival.

• he is going to Cancun next Monday

• we are going to play guitar un 2 months

• I’mgoing to take some board games.

• you will a excellent doctor.

• we will go to the city

VII. Reason and condition
if I eat good, I will have energy
I needmoney because I’m goind to buy my mom gift.
I can play soccer if I health of my hurt
I dance because I like it.

((INVENTA OTROS 3 de because o if..))
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