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I.- Complete with A, An or [Nothing]

1. Joe is reading a __ book.
2. Is there _an__ elevator in that building?
3. Do you like ___ apples?
4. That is _a__ beautiful woman.
5. James is _a__ very angry man.
6. Have you ever seen _a__ kangaroo?
7. Is Fred reading _an__ exciting story?
8. Sally's sister is _a__ doctor.
9. He is _an__ artist.
10. He drank _a__ cup of coffeewhile he read the newspaper
11. There is____a_______ new English book on the desk.
12. She's reading_____an_______ old comic.
13. They've got____an______ idea.
14. He is drinking____a__ cup of coffee.
15. The girl is____a_______ pilot.
16. Leipzig has got______an______ airport.
17. This is______an_____ expensive bike.
18. Look! There's____a________ bird flying.
19. My fatheris______an_________ honest person.
20. My friend likes to be____an_____ astronaut.

II.- Choose the correct personal pronoun. (I, you, he, she, it, we, they)(10)
|1.___I___ |am sitting on the sofa. |
|2.___YOU___ |are watching TV.|
|3.Are_ YOU_____ |from England? |
|4.__SHE____ |is going home. |
|5.____WE__|are playing football. |
|6.__IT____ |is a wonderful day. |
|7.___WE___ |are speaking English.|
|8.___SHE___ |is Kevin's sister |
|9.AreYOU___ ___ | swimming in the pool. |
|10.Is_HE____|in the cinema? |

III.- Fill in the forms of to be (am, are, is) into the gaps II.- Fill in the forms of the be (am, are, is). (15)

|Example: |He __ a boy. I’m good at ||Answer: |He is a boy. |

1. I___AM_____ a girl.
2. My father__IS___________ at work.
3. Trixi and Felix___ARE_________ my cats.
4. Trixi______IS______ in the garden.
5. Felix______IS________ on the floor.
6. My green pencil____IS________ on the floor, too.
7. The otherpencilsplural_____ARE________ in my pencil case.
8. My mother______IS______ in the kitchen.
9. Susan and Betty____ARE_____________ good friends.
10. They______ARE____________ good at sports.
11.  They_____ARE_____________ in London this week?
12. The pupils_____ARE__________ not at school today.
13. It_______IS__________ Sunday.
14. I_______AM______ at home.
15) My mother___IS________ in the kitchen.16) The students ___ARE________ not at school today.

17) Maria's grandmother____IS_________ from Brazil.
18) I______AM_____________ a football fan.
19) It_______IS_______ Sunday today.
20) They______ARE_________ in the car.
21) His pencil case___IS___________ at home.
22) _______ARE________ you from Sheffield?
23) I______AM______ not your friend.
24) Hey John! We __ARE___________...
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