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Pocket PC Phone


Pocket PC Phone User Manual


Pocket PC Phone User Manual


Congratulations on the purchase of a new Windows MobileTM-based Pocket PC Phone. The integrated wireless voice and data capabilities mean that as well as keeping your important PIM information up-to-date and close at hand, you can make calls, send and receive e-mail, and look upvaluable information from the Internet or your company’s network anytime, anywhere. Also, with Microsoft ActiveSync the power of your device is increased by allowing you to synchronize the information on your PC with your device.


Before getting started to use and explore your new device, some warning notes here are very important for you to get through. Warnings! Please Read BeforeOperating your Device THE DEVICE IS NOT CHARGED WHEN YOU TAKE IT OUT OF THE BOX. (For information, see Chapter 1 : Getting Started) DO NOT REMOVE THE BATTERY PACK WHEN THE DEVICE IS CHARGING. WHEN INSERT A SIM CARD, MAKE SURE THE DEVICE IS TURNED OFF THEN CLICK IT INTO PLACE. (For more information, see Chapter 3 : Using Your Phone) IN MANY COUNTRIES YOU ARE REQUIRED BY LAW TO TURN OFF YOURPHONE WHEN YOU FLY. TURNING OFF YOUR POCKET PC DOESN’T TURN OFF YOUR PHONE; YOU MUST TURN OFF YOUR WIRELESS CONNECTION TO YOUR OPERATOR’S NETWORK. YOUR WARRANTY IS INVALIDATED IF YOU OPEN OR TAMPER WITH THE DEVICE’S OUTER CASING. (For more information, see the enclosed warranty information)


Pocket PC Phone User Manual

Chapter 1
1.1 1.2

Getting Started ----------------------11
Knowing Your Device------------------------- 12
Front , Top and Left Side Panel Components ----------- 12 Back, Bottom and Right Side Panel Components ------- 13


Battery ----------------------------------------- 14
Data Retention --------------------------------------------- 14 To recharge your device ---------------------------------- 15 When Your Battery is Low-------------------------------- 16


Accessories ------------------------------------ 16
USB/Serial Cradle ----------------------------------------AC Adapter Converter ------------------------------------USB/Serial Sync cable------------------------------------Stereo headset --------------------------------------------Backpack (Optional)--------------------------------------16 17 17 17 17Chapter 2

Knowing Your Pocket PC ------------ 19
Starting Up ------------------------------------ 20
Screen tapping, Calibration and Re-calibration -------Today Screen ----------------------------------------------Indicators -------------------------------------------------Programs --------------------------------------------------Navigation Bar and Command Bar----------------------Pop-Up Menus --------------------------------------------Notifications ----------------------------------------------20 20 21 22 24 24 25

2.2 Entering Information --------------------------- 25
Using the Input Panel ------------------------------------- 26


Writing on the Screen ------------------------ 30
To write on the screen -----------------------------------To select writing-----------------------------------------Converting writing to text -------------------------------To get good recognition ---------------------------------30 30 31 31


Drawing on the Screen ----------------------- 32
To create a drawing -------------------------------------- 32

Pocket PC Phone User Manual


2.5 2.6

Recording a Message ------------------------- 33 Finding andOrganizing Information -------- 34

Chapter 3

Using Your Phone -------------------- 35
About Your Phone ---------------------------- 36
About SIM cards ------------------------------------------About The Dialer Screen ---------------------------------Indicators -------------------------------------------------The Navigation Pad and Dialing -------------------------Entering Your PIN...
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