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A Guide to VoIP Adapters

Learn More: A Guide to VoIP Adapters



Introduction to Learn More: A Guide to VoIP Adapters
A VoIP adapter is a simple and easy to use device. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that VoIP adapters aren’t important.
For such a simple little device VoIP adapters play a large roll in enabling you to use a VoIP service. That’s whyit’s important that you spend the time to understand VoIP adapters. Hopefully that’s why you’re here. Because what follows is a guide to VoIP adapters written in layman’s terms that: • • Educates you on VoIP adapters Defines and demystifies the underlying technology of a VoIP adapter Describes the different types of VoIP adapters Explains the important features of VoIP adapters Tells you how to goabout purchasing a VoIP adapter And hopefully prevents you from returning the VoIP adapter you purchase

Since 2002 VoIP Supply has helped over 70,000 people just like you create, deploy and maintain a VoIP solution. If at any point in this guide you get stuck, lost or grow impatient simply pick-up your phone and dial 800.398.8647. One of VoIP Supply’s experts will be happy to answer any questionsyou might have and walk you through the process of selecting the right VoIP adapter. Until then thank you for your time and enjoy the read.

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Since every situation is different this guide might not cover everything you need to know about a VoIP adapter. It also may not answer all of the questions you have about them. If that should happen, don’t worry. It’s what the experts at VoIPSupply are for. 1.800.398.8647
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Learn More: A Guide to VoIP Adapters



VoIP Adapters Explained
What is a VoIP adapter? A VoIP adapter is a device that converts analog voice signals into digital IP packets for transport over an IP network. A VoIP adapter also converts digital IP packets in analog voice streams. Standard VoIPadapters connect to analog telephones via an FXS port. The VoIP adapter then connects to your Local Area Network (LAN) with an Ethernet cable via an RJ45 port. Some VoIP adapters also feature an FXO port so you can connect to the Publically Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) (you’ll read more about that later). FXS and FXO Ports FXS and FXO ports are important terms to know when dealing with VoIPadapters. An FXS port is an interface that connects station devices such as your phones or PBX to a VoIP adapter. An FXO port is an interface that connects your Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) line to a VoIP adapter.

The number of telephones, PBX systems or POTS lines you are looking to connect to a VoIP adapter determines how many of each port you will need.
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VoIP Adpater


How does a VoIP adapter work? VoIP adapters are rather simple. A VoIP adapter works as a bridge between an IP network and an analog station device (desktop telephone) and or the PSTN. Depending on where the voice traffic originates from a VoIP adapter will convert voice traffic into the proper form for receipt by the destination network or device. If the voicetraffic is originating from an analog telephone or the PSTN a VoIP adapter will convert the analog voice signal into a digital signal. This digital signal is then compressed using a codec and broken into a series of packets that are transferred across the IP network using a signaling protocol. If the voice traffic is originating from an IP network the VoIP adapter will decompress the digitalpackets into a digital signal that is then converted into an analog signal for receipt by the station device or sent across the PSTN. 1.800.398.8647
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Learn More: A Guide to VoIP Adapters



Differences Between VoIP Protocols and Voice Codecs
VoIP protocols A VoIP protocol determines how your voice packet is transported across a...
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