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  • Publicado : 8 de octubre de 2010
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Universidad Nacional Experimental

De Los Llanos “Ezequiel Zamora”

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1. Dictionary`s usage: A dictionary is probably one of the most efficient tool to be used in translating and understanding what a person reads. However, itis necessary to know how to use this tool. The following information is referred to organization, structure, and others parts of a dictionary. When a reader uses the information of these partsefficiently, the tasks becomes easier and without wasting time.

2. Organization and Structure: One of the most important aspect to take into account is the way in which the content of a dictionary isorganized. Therefore, the major aspect of organization is the presentation of the content of the dictionary in alphabetical order. This order implies that all the terms are presented from A to Z. Forexample, if a person wants to find the meaning of the word ENVIRONMENT, he/she should locate the set of meanings for the letter -E. Moreover, each entry word is presented in an alphabetical order aswell. In this case, if a reader must find the word ENVIOUS, he/she would locate it before the word ENVIRONMENT because O is before R according to alphabetical order. The structure would be as itfollows: (it is not a definitive option)

|Phonetic Symbols|They show the phonetics of consonants, vowels and |
| |dipthongs. |
|Presentation orIntroduction |It presents general information on content of the |
| |dictionary. |...
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