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Revise todas las partes. Si tiene alguna duda, preguntame. Utilice tu libro a revisar

Problems & Solutions using adverbs: pagina 9

There is toomuch violence There should be more/less…..

There is too much traffic There should be more/fewer

The buses are old There should be better….

The streets are not safe There should be…../We need


Countable: Fewer/too many/

Non countable: too much/more/less

Ex: There should be fewer industries/ We need fewer cars/ There is too much pollution/ There istoo much traffic

Indirect Question Formation: Pagina 11

Can you tell me + direct question

Could you tell me + direct question

Ex: Direct: Where is the bank? Indirect: Could you tellme where the bank is?

Talking about the past: pagina 3

Did you study English in the past? Yes I did…./No I didn’t….

What T.V. shows didn’t you like when you were little? When I waslittle I didn’t like….

What was your favorite food? My favorite food was….

Cooking Methods: pagina 25

Review foods:

Chicken, meat, steak, fish/ onions, tomatoes, carrots,eggplant, peppers, garlic/ water, juice/ lemon, salt, pepper, sugar, butter, mustard, mayonnaise/ rice, pasta, cheese, milk, honey

Steps to cooking a recipe: Example

American Hamburger

1.First add garlic to meat

2. Fry meat with onions

3. Toast bread

4. Cut tomatoes

5. Add cheese to meat

6. Then serve and enjoy

Cooking methods:Boil/bake/fry/steam/roast

Terms to use: Add/Mix/ Cut/ Serve/ First, second, third, forth, fifth, sixth/ Then/ After

Participles :pagina 23 & appendix

I have never been to China. I have never eatensushi.

I have never tried a completo. I have never ridden a horse.

I have never cooked Chilean food.

Questions: Have you ever….tried/cooked/been/eaten/ridden/driven (en appendix)
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