Guia ingles pasado simple y continuo

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1. Read the paragraph

“The Burglars’ friend“It was 3 o’clock in the morning when four-year-old Russell Brown woke up to go to the toilet.
His parents were fast asleep in bed. But when he heard a noise in the living room and saw a light wason, he went downstairs.
There he found two men. They asked him his name, and told him they were friends to the family.
Unfortunately, Russell believed them. They asked him where the video recorderwas. Russell showed them, and said they had a stereo and CD player, too. The two men carried these to the kitchen. Russell also told them that his mother kept a purse in a drawer in the kitchen, so theytook that. Russell even gave them his pocket money- 50 cents. They finally left at 4 a.m.
They said, “Will you open the back door while we take these things to the car, because we don’t want to wakeMummy and Daddy, do we?” So Russell held the door open for them. He then went back to bed.
His parents didn’t know about the burglary until they got up next day. His father said “I couldn’t beangry with Russell because he thought he was doing the right thing”.
Fortunately, the police caught the two burglars two days later.

2. Write the questions to these answers.

a. Because he wantedto go to the toilet. Why did he wake up?
b. They were in bed.
c. Because he heard a noise and saw a light on.
d. Two.
e. They told him they were friends of the family.
f. In a drawer in thekitchen.
g. 50 cents.
h. At 4 a.m.
i. The next day.
j. Two days later.

3. Choose the correct verb form

a. I saw / was seeing a very good programme on TV last night.
b. While I shopped / wasshopping this morning, I lost / was losing my money.
c. Last week the police stopped / were stopping Alan in his car because he drove / was driving at over 80 miles an hour.
d. How did you cut / were...
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