Guia ingles presente simple

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Correctly answer the following questions

1. Pamela _________ drink soda tomorrow
a) Will
b) Is
c) Going
d) To

2. Aglae will _________ soccer next year
a) To playb) playing
c) play
d) played

3. Daniel will watch T.V. ____________
a) Now
b) Tomorrow
c) When
d) Yesterday

4. _______ run in the park tomorrow?
a) Won´t
c) He
d) Brando

5. ________ will eat pizza nex Friday
a) She
b) Karen
c) When
d) Won´t

6. Cintya won´t go ___________ next Friday
a) To party
b) Parkc) Studying
d) Danced

7. Paulina ______ dance salsa tomorrow
a) Are
b) Going
c) Will
d) Won´t

8. George will work __________
a) Yesterday
b) Tomorrow
d) Next month

9. _________ will swim in the shcool next month
a) When
b) Who
c) Sandra
d) You

10. Abner ______ drink soda next month
a) Will
b) Are
d) were
Ordered the following sentences.

1. will/she/watch/tomoorrow/T.V.

2. jonathan/ play/tennis/won´t/next/ Friday

3. read/will/the/she/tomorrow/book


5. pamela/will/drink/the/park/wisky/jorge/when/and/in

6. she/cake/a/tomorrow/will


8. will/Adriana/cherry/in/eat/his/tomorrow/house

9. Ricardo/won´t/Apple/in/eat/his/tomorrow/house

10. Will/soccer/you/year/next

Taq question.

1. Brenda will play pool inhis house tomorrow
a) She will?
b) Will she?
c) Won´t she?
d) Isn´t she?

2. Aglae won´t drive the car next Friday
a) She will?
b) Is she?
c) Will she?
d) Willhe?

3. Brando won´t skate un the park tomorrow
a) Will he?
b) Won´t he?
c) He will?
d) Going he?

4. Dasha will cook cake in his house next month
a) She will?