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Official Preparatory annexed to school for teachers.
By Adriana Gutiérrez Espinosa - January

The Present Perfect worksheet - Exercises
By Viv Quarry (
Put the verb in brackets into the correct tense.
1. He_______________ (live) in London for two years and then _______________ (go) to Edinburgh.
2. When I left schoolI_______________ (cut) my hair and_______________ (wear) it short ever since.
3. My brother_______________ (write) several plays. He_______________ (just/finish) his second tragedy.
4. I_______________ (not see) him for three years, I wonder where he is.
5. He_______________ (not smoke) for two weeks. He is trying to give up.
6. I_______________ (do) this sort of work when I_______________ (be) anapprentice.
7. I_______________ (write) the letter but I can't find a stamp.
8. _______________ you_______________ (see) the moon last night?
9. The clock isn't slow, it_______________ (stop).
10. A: Who_______________ (you/vote) for in the last election?
B: I_______________ (vote) for Mr. Pitt.
A: He_______________ (not/be) elected, _______________ (be) he?
B: No, he_______________ (lose) hisdeposit.
11. A: _______________ (you/like) your last job?
B: I_______________ (like) it at first but then I_______________ (quarrel) with my employer and he_______________ (dismiss) me.
A: How long_______________ you there?
B: I_______________ there for two weeks.
12. A: _______________ (Mary/feed) the cat?
B: Yes, she_______________ (feed) him before lunch.
A: What_______________ (she/give)him?
B: She_______________ (give) him some fish.
13. A: I_______________ (not see) your aunt recently.
B: No, she_______________ (not be) out of the house since she_______________ (buy) her colour TV.
14. A: How_______________ (you/get) that scar?
B: I_______________ (got) it in a car accident a year ago.
15. She_______________ (say) she'd ring me this morning, but it's now 12.30 andshe_______________ (not/ring) yet.
16. It_______________ (rain) for two hours and the ground is too wet to play on, so the match _______________ (be) postponed.
17. A: Why_______________ (you/make) such a horrible noise?
B: I_______________ (lose) my key and I_______________ (try) to wake up my wife by throwing stones at her window.
A: You_______________ (throw) stones at the wrong window. You livenext door.
18. He_______________ (not/stop) since he arrived.
19. He_______________ (ride), that's why he's wearing a riding hat.
20. A: How long_______________ (you/drive)?
B: I_______________ (drive) for ten years.
21. _______________ (you/lock) the house before you left?
22. I can't go out because I_______________ (not/finish) my homework yet.
23. A: Where_______________ (you/be or go)B: I_______________ (be or go) to the dentist.
A: _______________ (he/take) out your bad tooth?
B: Yes, he_______________ .
A: _______________ (it/hurt)?
24. I_______________ (ride) all the horses in this stable.
25. A: What_______________ (you/do)?
B: We_______________ (pick) apples.
A: How many_______________ (you/pick)?
B: We_______________ (pick) ten basketfuls.
26. Thecar_______________ (make) a very funny noise ever since it _______________ (run out) of petrol.
27. Originally, horses used in bull fights_______________ (not/wear) any protection, but for some time now they_______________ (wear) special padding.
28. That pipe_______________ (leak) for ages. We must get it fixed.
29. A: _______________ (you/ever/try) to give up smoking?
B: Yes, I_______________ (try) lastyear, but then I_______________ (find) that I was getting fat so I_______________ (start) again.
30. A: _______________ (be) the plumber here yet?
B: Yes, but he_______________ (only/stay) for an hour.
A: What_______________ (he/do) in that time.
B: He_______________ (turn off) the water and_______________ (empty) the tank.
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