Guia meridian 1 opc 11

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  • Publicado : 6 de enero de 2012
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Clases de CLS Meridian

AAD    Automatic Answerback Denied
ABDD    Abandoned Call Record and time to answer Denied
ADD    Automatic Digital Display (default)
AHD    Automatic Hold DeniedARHD    Audible Reminder of Held Call Denied
ASCD    Alarm Security Denied
AUTU    Unrestricted Authorization code Class of Service
BFED    Boss Secretary Feature Enhancement Denied
BUZZ    Buzz AllowedCCSD    Controlled Class of Service Denied
CDCA    Conferee Display Count Allowed
CDMD    Denies external station activity records to be generated for the set
CFHD    Call Forward Hunt OverrideDenied
CFTD    Call Forward By Call Type Denied
CFXD    Call Forward All Calls to external DN Denied
CLBD    Calling Party Number and Name per-line Blocking Denied
CLTD    Network Call Trace from thistelephone Denied
CMSD    Command and Status Link Denied
CNDA    Call Party Name Display Allowed
CNID    Call Number Information Denied
CPFA    Forced Camp-On From another set AllowedCPTA    Forced Camp-On To another set Allowed
CRPD    Corporate Directory Denied
CTD    Conditionally Toll Denied (default)
DAPA    Display Access Prefix Allowed
DDGA    DN Display on other set AllowedDDV    Data port Verification Denied
DNDA    Dialed Name Display Allowed
DPUA    DN PickUp Allowed
DRDD    Distinctive Ringing by Directory number Denied
DRG1    High fast tone 667Hz/500Hz, warble rate 10.4HzDSX    Data Service access or IS Server TN Denied
EXR0    Executive Distinctive Ringing Off
FBD    Call Forward Busy Denied
FICD    Forward Intercom Calls Denied
FITD    Flexible Incoming TonesDenied
FLXD    Flexible Voice/Data Denied
FND    Call Forward No Answer Denied (FNA for non 0-out phones)
FTTC    Flexible Trunk-to-Trunk Connections Conditional
GPUD    Group Pickup DeniedGRLD    Group Listening Denied
HFA    Hands Free Allowed
HTA    Hunting Allowed
ICDA    Internal Call Detail Recording Allowed
IMD    Integrated Messaging Service Attendant Denied...
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