Guia para examen de ingreso a secundaria

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INSTITUTO MIGUEL ANGEL A. C. Guía de estudio para el Examen de Admisión para 1º de Secundaria Ciclo escolar 2011 – 2012

MATEMÁTICAS      

Operaciones Aritméticas. Suma, resta,multiplicación y división. Operaciones con Fracciones Múltiplos y submúltiplos de un número Antecesor y Sucesor de un número Problemas con operaciones aritméticas. Problemas con porcentajes

ESPAÑOL 1. 2. 3.4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Sujeto Predicado Núcleo de sujeto Núcleo de predicado Artículo del núcleo del sujeto Adjetivo del núcleo del sujeto Ortografía Utilización del alfabeto como elemento organizativoComprensión lectora

10. Acentuación


The English level required to enter 1st grade is the A2 (in the Council of Europe Common European Framework) equivalent to KET certificate (Key EnglishTest), that means possessing the basic language skills necessary to have productive control of only the simplest of the exponents for each category below:

Language purposes  Carrying out certaintransactions:              Making arrangements Making purchases Ordering food and drink

Giving and obtaining factual information: Personal Non-personal (places, times, etc.)Establishing and maintaining social contacts: Meeting people Extending and receiving invitations Proposing/arranging a course of action Exchanging information, views, feelings, and wishes Understandinginstructions on classes and homework given by a teacher

Reading and writing:

Understanding signs, notices, labels, routine information, and written articles: o o Simple narratives Factual textsfrom newspaper or magazines

Writing o Personal messages as letters or postcards

Suggested skills to review:

1. Conjugation and use of most common regular and irregular verbs 2. Use ofconnectors, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, and nouns 3. Form and use of comparatives and superlatives 4. Form and use of simple tenses 5. Reading comprehension strategies such as recognizing main...
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