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Section 1: - You will be expected to answer questions about yourself (e.g. there is/are, many, can/could). Section 2: - Pronunciation of regular verbs in simple past. -Remember that there are three different pronunciations: /t/, /d/, and (Id). - You will be asked to put given verbs in their correct column. - Reference: Student’s Book, pp. 53, 54. Section 3: - Youwill be asked to choose the option that best fits in a given gap. - For example: The Hotel is the big building ____ the right. a) in b) on c) at - Reference: Student’s Book, p. 58 (“PrepositionsPart”). - Reference: Work Book, pp. 31-36 (“Prepositions Part”). Section 4: - You will be asked to identify an error in a series of sentences and to write the correction. - For example: This flowers arelovely. - Reference: Student’s Book, pp. 39, 47, 50, 55 (“Check It Part”). - Reference: Work Book, pp. 25, 28. Section 5: - You will be given a text, and you have to say whether the sentences are true orfalse. Section 6: - You will be asked to change sentences into positive, negative or question as indicated. - Remember the use and position of the auxiliaries in present and in past. - For example:Sandy bought a nice pair of shoes. *Change the above sentence into a question form. *Change the above sentence into a negative form. - Remember that you should keep the same tense (in this case past).Section 7: - You will be asked to write two words with the same sound, using the phonetic symbols. - Reference: Student’s Book, p. 50. - For example: /s ʌn/ → son, sun

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Section 8: - You will be asked to complete some sentences by looking at a given chart. - For this part, you will need to study can/can’t. - Reference: Work Book, p. 28. Section 9: - You will beasked to write the dates in full. - Remember that otherwise indicated, you can write the date either in American or in British style. - But be careful on the other of the numbers in order to know,...
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