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November 2011
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How we did it. The mechanics of the 2011 poll Who’s top of the pops this year? The number one bar is profiled by Tom Sandham Lucy Britner looks at a handful of bars that nearly made the list Camper English profiles the 2011 voting panel – The Academy Co-founder of bar number one Jim Meehan shares the keyto his success with Lucy Britner

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Lucy Britner

Supplement Editor

The best bar none


elcome to the World’s 50 Best Bars 2011. This year, voters have walked through phone booths and wardrobes, rung bells on unmarked doors and called to book appointments in order to file their nominations for the World’s 50 Best Bars. The list seems to pay homage to the speakeasystylebar, which goes hand-in-hand with knowing how to create the classics, unearth old recipes and recreate forgotten ingredients. At the same time, voters are romanced by exquisitely decorated hotel bars that serve beautifully prepared drinks, made by immaculately turned-out bartenders. The wealth of diversity and expertise in the bar scene makes this one of the most exciting lists to date. We changedthe way we organised the voting for 2011 (see page 5) and I hope our Academy of experts will vote again for many years. I struggled at first with the word ‘academy’, but the definition is ‘a society of learned persons’ or ‘a body of established opinion widely accepted as authoritative in a particular field’. So it’s settled, Academy it is. And thanks to everyone who voted. For those who were toobusy or who we didn’t manage to catch, there’s always next year.

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How we did it
ast year we commissioned a research company to poll 700 bartenders from around the world, but we felt we were missing out on the opinions of some of the top bar brass – so we have changed our method. This year, the first stage of the votingprocess was to create a list of the most influential and knowledgeable people in the global bar industry. This academy features leading bartenders, brand ambassadors, consultants and authors including the likes of Salvatore Calabrese, Dale de Groff, Gary Regan, David Wondrich, Phil Duff, Dre Masso, Tomas Estes, Ann Tuennerman (Tales of the Cocktail founder), Hidetsugu Ueno and Ian Burrell. You canread more about the voters on pages 50-54. We believe our academy is the most authoritative group of industry leaders ever assembled for a project of this nature. Each voter was asked to elect the best three bars in the world, in their professional opinion. They were not allowed to vote for their own establishments, they had to have recently visited the venues and the establishments must still betrading. The academy includes a further 100 bar professionals from bars around the world, who featured in last year’s list or voted in last year’s poll. Countries included Australia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and the Nordic nations. The aim of this was to get a wide geographical spread and attempt to paint a picture of how the bar scene perceives itself. All answers have been collated...
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