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WALKTHROUGH The World Ends With You


#= Scramble Crossing

~Follow the command and tutorial when prompt.Learn about the move, control
and such things as the game needs.

~Obtain (S) Quick Dash and (B) Escaping from Battle.

Message from The Reapers:
Reach 104.
You have 60 minutes.
Fail, andface erasure.

#= Statue of Hachiko

~You will pact with Shiki automatically during the event, then somemore
tutorial battles next.

~Obtain Pyrokinesis and (B) Bottom-screen Combat, Boot/Reboot,CONTROLS/Drag.

~Move right to Scramble Crossing, then take the top path to Building 104.

#= Building 104

~After some events, defeat the monsters in the coming up battles, lastly
the boss,Mosh Grizzly.

~Obtain (B) Top-screen Combat, Dual-screen Combat, Follow That Puck!
So I Beat the Enemy... 500 Yen, and Scarletite.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Message from The Reapers:
Set the curssed sculpture free.
You have 60minutes.
Fail, and face erasure.

#= Station Underpass

~Head to left path for an event. You will get (B) Scanning.

~Tap the pin to scan. You will get (B) Enemy Encounters.

~Now scan again and...
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