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COLEGIO SANTA MARÌA DE PAINEDEPARTAMENTO DEINGLÉS | Teacher: Jessica Ríos C.NAME: __________________________________________GRADE : IVº_______________ DATE: ________________English Review guide(level test)Units 4-5 |
1 Listen and complete the sentences.
[Use Megatrends 6 CD1, Track 45]

1 The tour begins in _________________________.
2 The kids have been ________________________.
3 Jonate __________________________________.
4 Eloisa has been learning English ______________.
5 Dominic has been learning English ____________.

2 Complete the description. Choose from the box. Youdon’t need all of them.

bus stop fence field gate hedge path signpost stream

Hi, I’m Carlos. I live on a farm in the countryside. Wehave many large, green (1) _________________s around our house. We keep our cows and horses there. We have to make sure they don’t get out, so we have (2) _________________s around all of them. Fromour house there’s a long (3) _________________ that leads to the (4) _________________ where we can get out. There’s a little (5) _________________ that runs through our farm, and there’s a very oldbridge over it. It may be a little hard to find us, but there are (6) _________________s everywhere!

3 Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets in the correct tenses.

1 We (a)____________________ (take) a look in the room before they (b)____________________ (invite) us in.
2 Before I (c) ____________________ (turn) 16, I (d) ____________________ (drive) a car lots of times alreadywith my parents.
3 She (e) ____________________ (give) him a digital camera for his birthday, but he (f) ____________________ (buy) one himself the week before.
4 Lisa (g) ____________________ meto go to the movie with her, but I (h) ____________________ (already / see) it at home.
5 Tyler (i) ____________________ (want) to join in the competition, but he (j) ____________________ (sprain)...
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