Guidelines for language usage in scientific work

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Since the style of language used, spelling, punctuation, sentence construction and script type
are often underestimated in importance, the following guidelines are provided:- Main ideas should be placed in the main part of the sentence, less important ideas in
secondary sentences;
- Long compound sentences should be avoided;
- Empty expressionsand word repetitions should be avoided;
- Foreign words (especially “buzz words”) should be used sparingly;
- Comparatives without a compared object are senseless;
- Passiveexpressions should also be avoided. The points at stake should be actively expressed
- Questions should be used only as an exception;
- Construct short sentences with a unityof purpose, use only complete sentences, and avoid
omissions. Logic relations between sentences should be made clear;
- Be creative in the choice of words. It often helps toavoid the same grammatical forms (such
as brackets, dashes, footnotes instead of using the same adverbs continuously);
- A contextually-compatible flow of text should beachieved, therefore, long numbered lists
within the text should be avoided; - The first person should be avoided;
- Be careful towards normative statements. Without a conceptualbase and information about
objective targets, formulations like “The company must…” or “…should…” could be
- When the formulation “The Company”, “The Supplier” etc.are used, the reference should
be clear. Auxiliary production companies etc. can also be referred to as “The Company” or
“The Supplier” as appropriate.
- Do not forget thatwriting, printing and conjunction mistakes should be avoided (Tip: Run
an automatic syllable-separation test at the last stage and get friends to proof-read the
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