Guilty pleasures

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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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Anita Blake is an animator which means she raises the dead. In the first chapter she had a meeting with Willie McCoy who is a new vampire, the first one she knew beforehe becomes a vampire. He is the kind of person that is expendable, he’s not an important character is just a bit player. He was sent to Anita for making her an offer. Someone or something is killingvampires and the boss of Willie wants that Anita investigate who or what is behind the murders. Anita rejects the job. She is already working with the cops, a task force which is investigating themurders. Four vampires were slaughtered, their hearts were taken off and their heads cut off. But the vampires don’t trust on the task force and they want Anita working for them. Anita says she doesn’twork for vampires and Willie responds that they aren’t the kind of person who you can say no. However, Anita rejects the job.
This chapter explains that vampires were recently accepted like U.S.citizens. There was a lot of controversy about what is an undead and what is not. Some people think the vampires are just like any other person, but Anita doesn’t believe that, she doesn’t trust in vampires.CHAPTER II
Anita went back to her house; she had been working all the night. She put loud music for drown her neighbor’s noises and she went to sleep. Two hours later the phone rang. It wasMonica. Anita didn’t remember who Monica was. Monica said she worked with Catherine and she was planning a surprise bachelorette party for Catherine. Monica asked to Anita if she could be the designateddriver. Anita was a little annoying because it was a short notice and she didn’t want to spend her night off in that way but she didn’t know how to refuse. So, Anita said she would go for them at fiveand then she went back to sleep.
The surprise bachelorette party was really a surprise because everyone had plans for Friday night, so there were only Monica, Catherine and Anita. In...
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