Guion del capitulo 1-2 oliver twist

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Oliver twist scrip
Oliver stayed prisoner alone in the dark room for a week. He cried bitterly all day , and when the the long night came , he spread his little hands over his eyes to shut out thedarkness , and tried to sleep . he was given freezing water to wash with , and was beaten daily by Mr.Bumble in front of all the other boys in the hall , as a warning to them.
One day mr.bumble metthe local undertaker , mr.sowerberry outside de workhouse.
Mr bumble: do you know anybody who wants to train a boy for work ?
Mr.sowerberry : (rubbed his chin and thought for a while)I pay enough forthe poor with my taxes… so why shouldn’t I be able to make use of them in my work? Yes, ill take the boy my self.
Mr.bumble : excellent , lets signed the papers right now..
He was led tomr.sowerberry´s house by mr.bumble . as they walked along ,tears began to run down Oliver’s face.
Mr.bumble: what time it is?(he asked impatiently ) .
Don’t be so ungreatful ! this man is going to look afteryou!
Olvier: its just that im so lonely , sir! , everybody hates me . please don’t be angry with me sir.
Even mr.bumble felt a little pity . he coughed , told oliver to dry his eyes and be a goodboy , and walked on with him in silence .
( they walked to the house)
In the house …
Mr.bumble: here, i´ve brought the boy
Mr.sowerberry called him to have a look
Ms.sowerberry: (with adisagreeable face) he is very small !
Mr.bumble: he is , but he´ll grow, mrs.sowerberry…
Mrs.sowerberry: yes, when he eats our food. Go on get downstairs ( she pushed oliver downstairs into a damp andcalled charlotte)
Here, give this boy some meat that the dog left.
(oliver tore the meat like an animal with his teeth. Miss sowerberry watch him in silent horror . then she took him upstairs tothe shop .
Mrs.sowerberry : you´ll sleep here, among the coffins .
But he was not only the room that depressed him. He felt very lonely , with no friends and no one to care for him . as he lay on...
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