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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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Dec 2007
how to sew a guitar bag
By Myam

That’s right, I made my own fender guitar bag. Uzi has not seen itand hopefully, he’ll be delighted when he finally does, wherever he is in Manila.
Darn, I miss him.
Well, I made a tutorial for those crafting-inclined souls out there. HAPPY SEWING!  PLEASE DO NOTSELL ANY GUITAR BAG THAT YOU END UP MAKING. THANKS.
*UPDATE (Suggested by Renee heehee)
MATERIALS NEEDED: half a meter of thick fabric for the body (i used thick pink canvas for mine); fabric forthe lining; fabric in contrasting color for the scratchplate; bias tape; silver-y fabric; buttons; silver thread; grosgrain for the strap; adjuster for the strap.
1. Print a guitar image onto an A4paper. Trace your image; 2 for the body, 2 for lining, 2 for your scratchplate.
2. Out of silver-y fabric, cut and sew rectangle and tear-shaped pieces. The rectangle would be your whammy bar whilethe tear-shaped piece would serve as your input jack.

3. Take your scratchplate pieces, right sides together, and sew all the way around. Leave a 2-inch gap for turning inside out.

4. After this,clip all the way around so that the curves would be better-defined. Turn inside out and sew on top of the front body of your bag. Use the image you printed for the position of the scratchplate.

5.Now sew the whammy bar and the input jack. Take three strips of bias tape (or any fabric that matches the color of your scratchplate). Their length should be the same as your whammy bar. These...
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