Guliver travel

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  • Publicado : 2 de noviembre de 2011
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Gulliver s Travel
arth with the snout, giant fleas are in the flesh of beggars. Le tide smell of the breasts of a lady of the queen, to have fun, which sits on top of them.
The third journey leadshim to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrib and Japan. Laputa, an island, which like England is to Ireland, threatens to fall with all its power on Balnibarbi. . This island had a diamond baseand was driven by the strength
magnetic (the description of the mechanism is a parody of the articles published in the Philosophical Transactions, the organ of the Royal Society).The people of Laputa,so immersed in his astronomical speculations raised that need to hit every few minutes to wake up. Experiments done by one of its inhabitants are under the supervision of the Universal Artist, whodirects his steps to return to the good stuff, but opposite effect, just not in use and archived. Some of his experiments are focused on creating tangible air, without wool sheep, horses with brokenstone, marble for pillows soften or eliminate the language. In Balnibarbi, check Lagado Academy which had several sections. One of them is supposedly devoted to useful inventions, which obviously appearas ridiculous: extraction and encapsulation of solar rays taken of cucumbers, treatment of excreta and restored to its natural state of nutrients, manufacture of silk fabrics from spider, etc. (Theseprojects were taken from experiments of the Royal Society). This institution has a project, eliminating political differences through brain surgery to avoid conspiracies. A fairly clear allusion tothe Royal Society. Switz makes a fierce critic of the universe of science, he hits hard scientists, very valid I think, so now in these times where any discovery or scientific assumptions, often beingridiculous, we had for good without even checking if it is true.
In Luggnagg, the poor are immortal, the struldgruggs, reach the age inhuman state of dementia, creating jealousy and envy. There...
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